house [hous; ] for v. [ houz]
pl. houses [hou′ziz] [ME hous < OE hus, akin to Ger haus (OHG hūs) < IE * (s)keus- < base * (s)keu-, to cover, conceal > SKY]
1. a building for human beings to live in; specif.,
a) the building or part of a building occupied by one family or tenant; dwelling place
b) Brit. a college in a university
c) an inn; tavern; hotel
d) a building where a group of people live as a unit [a fraternity house]
e) a monastery, nunnery, or similar religious establishment
f) Informal a brothel
2. the people who live in a house, considered as a unit; social group; esp., a family or household
3. [often H-] a family as including kin, ancestors, and descendants, esp. a royal or noble family [the House of Tudor]
4. something regarded as a house; place that provides shelter, living space, etc.; specif.,
a) the habitation of an animal, as the shell of a mollusk
b) a building or shelter where animals are kept [the monkey house in a zoo]
c) a building where things are kept when not in use [a carriage house]
5. any place where something is thought of as living, resting, etc.
a) a theater
b) the audience in a theater
a) a place of business
b) a business firm; commercial establishment
8. the management of a gambling establishment
9. a church, temple, or synagogue [house of worship]
10. [often H-]
a) the building or rooms where a legislature or branch of a legislature meets
b) a legislative assembly or governing body
12. Astrol.
a) any of the twelve parts into which the heavens are divided by great circles through the north and south points of the horizon
b) a sign of the zodiac considered as the seat of a planet's greatest influence
designating or of a salad dressing, brand of liquor, etc. served at a particular bar or restaurant
housed, housing
1. to provide, or serve as, a house or lodgings for
2. to store in a house
3. to cover, harbor, or shelter by or as if by putting in a house
4. Archit. Mech. to insert into a housing
1. to take shelter
2. to reside; live
bring down the house
Informal to receive enthusiastic applause from the audience
clean house
1. to clean and put a home in order
2. to get rid of all unwanted things, undesirable conditions, etc.
keep house
to take care of the affairs of a home; run a houselike a house on fire ( or afire)
like a house on fire or like a house afire
with speed and vigor
☆ on the house
given free, at the expense of the establishment
play house
to pretend in child's play to be grown-up people with the customary household duties
set one's house in order or put one's house in order
to put one's affairs in order
the House

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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